Why Choose pf4u as your Personal Training Option in Louisville?

I found this great article titled  What to do When you Feel too Embarrassed to Exercise.  I wanted to share it because there were a couple of things that stood out to me.  It talks about some apprehensions that people may have for starting an exercise program and how to overcome those apprehensions.  It touched on shopping around for the right facility in which one would feel comfortable.  I belief that here at Peak Fitness for You we have created a comfortable atmosphere for any level of exerciser.  We offer affordable semi-private training for members that don’t like a group setting.  We have created a community feel in our small group classes.  The trainers will give modifications based on level and injuries.  We truly want your time with us to be the best part of your day and we want you to have fun while you are working out!

I’m extremely impressed with our members dedication along their health and wellness journey.  We are here to support them, in any way we can, along their journey.

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