Who doesn’t love sugar?

Someone asked me that other day if it was true that is you didn’t eat sugar you didn’t crave it.  Well, I have read articles that say this to be true, but my personal experience is otherwise!  When I was taking a picture of this cupcake do you  think I wanted to get some frosting on my fingers so that I could lick it off?  When the kids were eating them do you think I wanted them to drop a big piece on the table and I would “clean it up” by putting it in my mouth?  Do you think when I was making chocolate cookies a couple of week I wanted to eat the dough and the fresh out of the oven cookies?  When I got the kids hot chocolates the other day at Vic’s do you think I wanted to get the cinnamon roll in the pastry case?

Well the answer to all those questions is YES!  I have not had sugar like that for 6 weeks and you bet that I would have been all over it.  I see it and I want it, but I don’t eat it purely because of willpower!  It is extremely hard to pass up one of my all time favorite chocolate chip cookies, but I have not reached my goal, so I have to stay strong and not reach for that cookie.  One thing I do know about sugar is it is not that great for you!  When I started my training diet I was tired for a week, very low carbs, sugars only occurring naturally in foods and really very little of them.  After that week was up I had a lot of energy throughout the day.  There was a lot of balance in my day because I was not taking in all that added sugar.

There is no easy fix to sticking with a healthy “diet,” there is only rewards when you do stick with it, both mentally and physically.

Stay strong and focus on what you want your end result to be!

Until next time!


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