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Kick-off this BEST EVER 6-WEEK WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE with a state of the art body composition measurement and a journal to track your journey!   $250 prize will be given to the TEAM of TWO with the biggest average % body fat loss! How to join:        To register email me at mistydeiparine@comcast.net.  Teams will consist…

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January 4, 2017

Our lives revolve around FOOD!

Since I have started this journey, I have realized how much our lives revolve around food.  My diet regimen is such that I have to eat 5 times a day and the meals have to be evenly spread throughout the day.  Sounds great, right?  You have to really plan your day from the time you…

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May 11, 2016

Who doesn’t love sugar?

Someone asked me that other day if it was true that is you didn’t eat sugar you didn’t crave it.  Well, I have read articles that say this to be true, but my personal experience is otherwise!  When I was taking a picture of this cupcake do you  think I wanted to get some frosting…

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May 9, 2016

My journey continued…FOOD!

This has been a pretty good week, both physically and mentally!  Every Tuesday I check in with my coach and wait to hear back about any changes to my routine (hoping my almonds won’t be taken away from me!).  I have been consistently been losing weight, so that is a positive.  I was pleasantly surprised…

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May 7, 2016
Mia stretching

I learned the hard way why it is important to stretch!

I tell people all the time the importance of stretching, for good flexibility, to prevent the risk of injury, to increase blood flow to muscles, well it is also kind of relaxing…the reward after a hard workout. Well, I should have taken my own advice…I was not taking the time to stretch.  My training for…

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May 4, 2016

New Year’s 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Come Join the Peak Fitness for You Best Ever 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge-New Year’s Edition $250 prize will be given to the Partners with the biggest average % body fat loss! Description: This Best Ever Weight Loss Challenge- New Year’s Edition is about more than helping you lose a couple of pounds. It is…

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December 12, 2015

The Caloric Expense of Alcohol During the Holidays

The Caloric Expense of Alcohol During the Holidays For those of you wanting to drown your sorrows of a holiday season gone mad with copious amounts of spiked eggnog like actor Chevy Chase in the movie Christmas Vacation or bringing good cheers by combining large amounts of high-fat treats with high-caloric alcohol, the New Year may…

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December 18, 2014