Sign-up Today for the Best Ever 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Come Join the Peak Fitness for You Best Ever 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge

This season’s theme is Clue!   $500 prize will be given to the TEAM with the biggest average % body fat loss!

How to join:

  • Call, come by or register on our website. At the time of registration please let us know if you have a team or if you would like to be placed on a team.  Teams will consist of 4-6 team members, feel free to invite your friends, family and co-workers!
  • Come by the week of February 23rd, between 10:30-12:00pm for a confidential weigh in and body fat analysis. If those times do not work for you feel free to call or email for an appointment.
  • Like me (Misty Deiparine) on Facebook and you will be invited to join our secret Facebook group.
  • Attend one of the Best Ever Weight Loss Challenge Parties to meet the coaches, learn more about the program.
  • Get some rest and be ready to eat right, exercise – perspire and inspire! It is just that simple! 


Program Start day: Monday, March 2, 2015

Program End day: Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kick-off Parties:  Monday March 2, at 10am and 5:30pm (choose one party to attend).  This will be the best part of your day!!


Grand Prize for the TEAM that loses the biggest average % body fat loss**.  Prize = $500

2nd prize for the TEAM(s) that solve the “murder.” Get a clue for checking in with your coaches each week.  Prize = TBA

3rd prize for the TEAM(s) that exercises 150 minutes each of the 6-weeks.  Prize = TBA

4th prize for the TEAM(s) that workout together.  Prize = TBA

5th prize for the TEAM(s) that checks in daily on Facebook.  Prize = TBA

Prizes will be given at the Celebration party…

*More details about prizes will be discussed at the Kick-off Parties.

**Winning team will be determined by the biggest average % body fat loss.


Coaches will be Nancy Drew AKA Peggy Merrill and Ms. Marple AKA Misty Deiparine!


$50 for members

$75 for non-members

Maximum of 15 teams!  Space is limited!  Register Today!

Click here to register!

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