My journey continued…FOOD!

This has been a pretty good week, both physically and mentally!  Every Tuesday I check in with my coach and wait to hear back about any changes to my routine (hoping my almonds won’t be taken away from me!).  I have been consistently been losing weight, so that is a positive.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that I get a refeed meal.  I asked my coach what that meal would look like, her answer, you could have a lean steak, baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli and frozen yogurt, or Chipotle, or Qudoba…a meal to keep you sane!  The thought of having a cheat meal was both exciting and scary at the same time.  It was scary because I didn’t want anything to derail my progress to this point and I didn’t want this meal to cause me  NOT to lose any weight this  week.  After thinking about it for a couple of days, I settled on Chipotle (I had a coupon for a FREE burrito).

Today was a leg day, so in other words a “cheat meal” day.  Tonight I had a chicken burrito in a bowl with a little bit of brown rice, black beans and guacamole (this would count as 1 of my 2 fats for the day.  After that I picked-up the kids and we went and got frozen yogurt.  I think the kids were more excited then I was going to eat frozen yogurt with them.  They do not hesitate to tell me when I can’t eat something!  To my surprise they had Greek frozen yogurt, so that is what I got…Yummy.  I refrained from filling the bowl to the rim and had just a little taste, enough to enjoy, but not too much!

All in all the meal was good!  The interesting thing is I probably could have done without it…weird for me to say something like that!

My Birthday was this week and that posed a different challenge.  Going out and not drinking!!  I thought all week about having one drink on my Birthday.  I texted a friend about it and he replied, “I wouldn’t, you have gone this long and what would one drink do anyway?!”  So, I decided not to have a drink and I had a great time with friends and was satisfied with drinking my decaf ice tea.

I’m still surprised at how much willpower I have, I didn’t think I had it in me.  I think everyone has this willpower in them, they may need to find the right motivation to stick with it and reach their goal, but it can be done.

Until next time!  In health!


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