Kirk Anthony

kirk anthony

“Feeling good, staying active and having fun!”

ACE Personal Trainer
NASM Personal Trainer
K-Fit Kettlebell
Lifestyle Fitness Coach


My focus on fitness and health comes from a strong desire to live life to the full – feeling good, staying active and having fun. Helping others who share that desire is enormously satisfying.

The fitness journey for me started many years ago after an accident left me with persistent back and knee troubles. After trying several approaches, it was an ongoing strength and flexibility program that freed me of the limitations. Not only did the symptoms virtually disappear, I found that I had surpassed my previous fitness level and felt better than ever.

Since that time I have met many that defied the norms and stayed in amazing shape into their 70’s and 80’s. When I saw people many years older than me filled with life and energy levels that I envied it inspired me to really commit to my own well being.

In 1995 I became a certified personal trainer and began sharing my knowledge with others. Seeing people achieve what they previously thought was impossible has been the greatest reward.