Foundation Training Clinic

FOUNDATION TRAINING restores natural movement patterns and
improves posture and mobility. It’s easy to learn, and you can do it anywhere.

 Designed to alleviate back pain and improve stability, strength and flexibility
 Strengthen your back, glutes and hamstrings
 Improve your performance in every exercise program, sport or daily activity
 Counter-balance the ill effects of too much sitting by strengthening the back side of your body
 You can do an effective Foundation Training workout in as little as 12 minutes

Workshop is 2:30-3:45 PM. Register by October 29.
Click here to register
For information, call: 303.827.1374
or email
** Wear comfortable workout clothes and bring a yoga mat

Presented by Gili Wolf, certified instructor, Level 1 and 2

As featured on ESPN, Runner’s World magazine, Men’s Health,, and the Boulder Daily Camera “Workout of the Week.”

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