Boot Camp Fundraiser

This past Saturday, November 15, we had a busy day.  We started our day out at 7:30am when we met the Boulder High School Wrestling Team at Mt. Sanitas for a workout.  It was 21 degrees and snowing by the time we finished with a round of Tabata push-ups at the bottom.  The wrestlers were amazing, they did not complain once as we did our second round of Tabata sprints up the snow packed trail.  They will be a force to be reckoned with this season, they are STRONG!

This was also the day for our Fireside Elementary School PTO Boot Camp fundraiser.  We had a lot of fun and raised $220.  In attendance were members, friends, some young men from the BHS Wrestling team (for their second workout of the day) and of course my mom! Thank you to Alfalfa’s for the donation of the amazing fruit tray, it was gone by the end of the event.  My kiddos showed up to draw for the raffle prizes; after all it is their school we were raising money for.  Thank you to Bittersweet Coffee and Flatirons Running Inc. for donating the great raffle prizes.

I had a great time watching everyone work hard and support each other through an intense workout…TEAM WORK!  It was truly a great day, if you missed this fundraising even you won’t want to miss the next event!

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