Align Now Physical Therapy

Please join us, from 1:30pm-3:00pm, in welcoming Jeanne Whittle, PT, owner of Align Now Physical Therapy to the team at Peak Fitness for You.  As your therapist she will explore, with you, what is causing your pain.  Together you will systematically do the work to alleviate not only the root of the pain, but the additional discomfort caused by your body;s natural response to that pain.  Many patients she works with will start to experience relief right away.  Some injuries will take longer to completely recover.  It depends on the extent of the pain and how long you have been suffering or “putting up” with not feeling well.  Her goal is to leave you 100% comfortable in your body without pain, able to do the things in life you dream of doing.

During the Open House Jeanne will give a Theralign Massage Bar demonstration.  Check out this video on the Theralign Massage Bar

Light refreshments will be provided.

Jeanne Whittle, PT

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