A Day in My Life!

There is never a dull moment in my life!

I have been MIA for a bit.  I have been trying to figure out life after my competition and also starting a new part-time job!  I have struggled with figuring out a good balanced meal plan…it is a work in progress, but I’m getting there!

This is what my typical day looks like, so it is sometimes hard to fit my meals in or even feeling like stopping to eat.  Sometimes I have to force myself to eat or times, there are too many cookies around (thanks for the chocolate chip cookies mom!!).

My day today…

4:10am-Woke up and fell out of bed…no really, I fell out of bed.  Apparently I was not awake yet!  Got ready and rowed in the garage for 30 minutes (intervals…keeps me awake that early in the morning)

5am-I trained 2 very dedicated ladies who workout with me at 5am 2 days a week!  They are truly amazing!!

6am-Rowed for another 25 minutes-I have to get my full 55 minutes of cardio in anyway I can.

6:25am-Got kids ready for school and literally inhaled 5 egg whites, shredded zucchini with gobs of salsa.

7:10am-Dropped Mia off at Fire Choir (for the life of me I have not figured out WHY we can’t have afternoon practice.  That would mean I wouldn’t have to drag Marek out of bed every Tuesday and Thursday.

7:15-Starbucks, Marek loves the kids hot cocoa!  I don’t get anything…seriously $5 for a coffee drink…CRAZY!  Then to Home Depot to pick-up a new toilet that they couldn’t get down for me the night before!

7:50am-Go listen in on Mia’s choir practice and drop off Marek.

8:15am-Back home to do a quick back workout!  Protein shake with frozen fruit…to go along with my frozen feet for being out in the studio for so long!

9am-teach cycling/TRX class (by now my legs don’t really want to move…they thought we were done for the day!)

10am-Get things together to go to work for a Real Estate friend of mine, I’m the office manager.

10:30am-Get to the office and there is so much to do since I stayed home with Mia no Monday.  My to-do-list grows!

12-Ate my greek yogurt and had some tomatoes.

2:15pm-Leave the office to pick-up kids from school.

2:45pm-Get home.  Make kids hot cocoa and me a coffee…I should have made it with caffeine!  I don’t know what happens for the next hour…oh wait…I didn’t sit down.  I made myself some cauliflower and ground turkey…sounds delish right?!  Take the meat off my chicken so I can make chicken broth.

4pm-Train a client.  He is a dedicated husband and new dad and I love that he takes care of his spirit, mind and body by workout!  SOOO important!

5pm-Put chicken broth makings together and start cutting up the veggies that I will add to broth tomorrow.  Folded and put away laundry.

6pm-I have to take a lock box to Gunbarrel.  Get the kids in the car and head out in the ice snowy roads…what was I thinking???!!!  I should have done it right after school, but I think Mia would have turned into the Linda Blair and spit pea soup on me!  That is how hungry she thought she was.  I also had to stop and put gas in the car.  I think I have ran out 3 times as an adult…embarrassing!

7pm-Get home and fix 3 different meals.  Mine is tilapia and zucchini with almonds.   While kids watch a movie I put another layer on the pinata.  Marek says the pinata looks great and I’m just not sure anymore what it was supposed to be.  But, who really cares as long as it is full of candy and games and lasts through to the older kids.

8:30pm-I realize that the kids have not taken a shower…really!!  They shower while I look for links to gift ideas I sent to my mom.  And I decide to do a little shopping as well.  I mean really, would you rather drive all over town or sit behind your computer and have at it?

9pm-Kids should be in bed, but that doesn’t happen.

9:45pm-Kids are finally in bed…I get great loves and I wound up Marek’s snow globe.  He loves the music and talks about how it is fast at first and then it slows down.  I think this will be ingrained in my brain forever, I hear it every night, but I just love his spirit and it makes me happy to hear  him so excited about his snow globe.  It really is the little things.

Wow…that was long…somewhere in there I slammed a protein shake.  And the kids helped take the trash and recycle out to the bins on the side of the house (I wasn’t going to go out into the cold!!).

I really don’t sit down all day as most single parents don’t!  I am pretty tired on some nights the kids tuck me into bed.  This is the life I chose and I don’t complain about how hard it can be at times or how busy it can get.  Complaining doesn’t get the laundry done of the dishwasher emptied!  There is no time to complain :)

I love my children and when they are away from me I miss them dearly, so I treasure my life with them (MOST of the time!)!  They make it all worth it!!

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