8 Tips to Staying Healthy During the Holidays!

I can’t believe December is already here!  Here are 8 tips to keep you healthy during the holidays!
1. Wash your hands often.
2. Stay hydrated.  Drink at least 64 oz a water a day and more if you are exercising.
3. Keep drinking alcoholic beverages to a minimum and drink a glass of water in between.
4. Eat a healthy snack of vegetables before leaving for a party.
5. If you are attending a party, bring a healthy snack to share.
6. Pack healthy snacks (string cheese, raw vegetables, raw nut)
7. Be sure to get plenty of sleep.  This will help to keep you physically and mentally health.
8. Continue to exercise.  If you need to schedule your workouts in your calendar and don’t skip a workout.

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