12-Week Body Transformation Program

12-Week Body Transformation Program

What the program includes:

  • Body composition and girth measurements at the beginning of 12-weeks and at the end of 12-weeks
  • Workout program
  • Guidance with diet habits
  • Weekly check-ins and updates to program when needed
  • Weekly review of food journal
  • Weekly review of photos
  • 6-Week Check-in call
  • Available to answer questions via email, text and by phone

Cost: $200

Add on options:

Drop-in classes at Peak Fitness for You $10 per class with the purchase of a punch card

Monthly unlimited classes at Peak Fitness for You $100

1 Semi-private training session a week $140/Month

2 Semi-private training sessions a week $240/Month

One on one private training $60 per session (packages available)

For more information or to sign-up email mistydeiparine@comcast.net or call 720.280.1680.

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